Pense que nous ne sommes pas si loin d’une entente, a t il indiqu la cha TVA Sports. En gros, on est d’accord sur le principe d’un partage des revenus 50 50, il suffit de trouver une fa de r les diff sur le reste. On n’est pas si loin qu’il y para. “Couldn’t ask for better partners on this. I’m so lucky to have the one and only Patty Jenkins, as my director. She always has our backs, she gives us the wings to dare, and everyday [sic] she helped us find the most creative version of ourselves.

I drawn to it; I supposed to be making a greater impact. I can get Costa Rica out of my system, my love for the people. I know I can help every little town, but I doing what I can in the time the Lord has allowed me. I haven posted in such a long time! A mixture of rebranding, illness, overwhelm at this new stage in my life, needing a social media break to just enjoy my children, and my little one on the right there, before he goes to school. The list is endless! But I getting myself together, and will be back as of next week! And I just loved this natural, unfiltered shot, from a brilliant day with my boys, as it happened. Which is actually what Instagram is actually about, isn it.?.

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The more help with our children the better. It’s good to have children have different people in their lives to show them good examples. In this world where traditional families are under attack, the better people helping to show good traditional values are very important.’ (mepm2011).

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