Janis Joplin Full Tilt, a musical biography of the troubled star, was a London hit.April said: “We have given so many people their first chances. Most theatres that put on new writing will only put on six shows a year. We do it week after week.”. One quick, mildly dangerous, and outright unendorsed way of fixing junk soldering jobs in computers is by tossing the mother board in the oven. For a detailed look at how this fixed two of my computers (and a third for my parents since then,) please check out my previous article on the matter. In all three cases of doing this, the computer ran just as well as before the baking, the problem was alleviated, and I have had no issues in the two years since I did it (two months in the case of the most recent.) This has fixed everything from computers that won’t start up, unresponsive wireless cards, and monitoring related issues.

With that said though, I feel like it’s grim for the Warriors with all these holes in their lineup. Their depth isn’t super strong and I think it’s very telling that Steph lead the team in points with 47 and Draymond was second with 17. The bench just wasn’t looking stellar and all the open looks they left Danny Green trying to double Kawhi were.

YOu can get glasses that are clearer but they have glass lenses and I not want to wear a piece of glass .5 inches away from my eyeball. Private Pilot Magazine did an indepedent lab tested, 60 plus pair, sunglasses comparison test several years ago. This test included brands like Nike, addidas, Maui Jim, Ray Ban, etc.

It was exceedingly painful, and I felt the baby die. I wanted the doctor to stop, but he said he had to continue because I get infected. I felt so traumatized that I didn want to ever go through it again. On Jan. 1, King returned to the Bullets after another round of knee rehabilitation, a round that took 18 months. According to Bullets general manager John Nash, “[King] proceeded to make demands in meetings with Wes Unseld and myself concerning his playing time and the time frame in which he wanted to return to the active roster.

Cook only till there is a rolling boil. If cooked too long the tomatoes turn to mush and the salsa doesn’t have the same texture. Ladle into pint or quart jars, as desired, and affix the lids and rings. It is a versatile organ with well documented utility in the reconstruction of complex wounds and defects. In our experience it has only been used as a pedicle. The median sternotomy incision is extended for 6 cm towards the umbilicus and the peritoneal cavity is entered.