As a professional, Ross won the prestigious North and South Open three times between 1903 and 1906 and won the Massachusetts Open in 1905 and 1911. He played in seven US Opens and was fifth in 1903 but solid and all as he was as a ball striker he wasn’t in the same class as his younger brother. Alex Ross had joined Donald in America and in 1907, he won the US Open, the latest in a line of transplanted Scots who dominated the national competition in the early part of the century..

Manderson’s recollections of his youth weave into the men’s stories, the antithesis of the awkward probing of some other established documentary makers who trade discomfort for insight. He achieves what as anthropologists, we often try to do: take social stereotypes and disrupt them with empirical complexity and explicit reflexivity. Working class can here be explored as an identity that is variously reproduced and disregarded by those who claim it..

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That’s around 12 million people. Soon after that however, Capitalist nations like GB and France start trying to interfere with everything. Oh, and did I forget to mention, there are also famines every year now due to a combination of natural disasters and the aftermath of the Civil War..

One truly awful (perhaps even unforgivable) thing about hiring Ann Marie Hall to direct Noises Off: She can’t be in it too. Hall’s one of Memphis’s best comic actors and anybody who missed her brief, brilliant turn in Opera Memphis’s Die Fledermaus missed something truly special. Harpo Marx would have been jealous.