Ben Meade (3 9) and John Meade (3 17) were the pick of the bowlers for Panmure, which was all out for 111 (Steve Moore 41, Ben Mahony 14). Troy McKenzie finished with 4 13 for Wangoom while Nick Kermond claimed 3 25. Wangoom was 0 1 at stumps. I didn focus. I didn care. Feels his focus is back where it should be.

On Saturday, October 7, 2006, he was awarded the Connecticut Veterans Wartime Service Medal at a ceremony in Winsted, CT. A statement by CT Governor Rell: “Veterans represent the best of America and we can never fully repay them for their dedication to duty and personal courage. This new award is a simple but important gesture of admiration from a state that truly honors their service.”.

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The ranking is mentioned in a recent report by China Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Vietnamese coastal town followed Indonesia Bali and Thailand Phuket. However, after a sudden storm off Phuket capsized and sank a tourist boat, killing 47 Chinese nationals last summer, there was a record decline in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Thailand last year, according to the China Morning Post.

The crowd of lawmakers is largely stunned, aside from David Dewhurst, who’s jumping up and down hysterically like a star struck teenage girl. No problem, Perry the cosmo cowboy ain’t afraid of saddle sores or anything else. While there’s speculation on whether he’ll run as an incumbent for the umpteenth time, we’re stuck with him for this session.

You mention reserves needing Os right now, especially for command positions. I not in disagreement. They are advertising heavily because everyone knows being a commander or in a leadership position sucks. “The prime minister’s twin ambitions are on a dangerous collision course,” noted an editorial in the Financial Times, referring to Johnson’s stated desire to both strengthen ties among Britain’s four home nations and lead the country swiftly out of the European Union. “Brexit in any shape promises to weaken the bonds between the nations of the British Isles. In the extreme form that seems to be the working assumption by Johnson’s new administration, it will impose intolerable strains.